On 13 September 2021, the CAT published an application to commence collective proceedings under section 47B of the CA98 against Google alleging that it has abused dominant positions in breach of Article 102 of the Treaty on the Functioning of the European Union (TFEU) and the Chapter 2 Prohibition of the Competition Act. The claims relate to an alleged abuse of dominance in relation to the licensing of smart mobile operating systems, the distribution of Android apps to Android device users, and the provision of payment processing services. The applicant has applied for a CPO permitting it to act as the class representative bringing opt-out collective proceedings on behalf of UK domiciled members of the proposed class and on an opt-in basis for non-UK domiciled members of the proposed class. The proposed class consists of all users of certain Android devices who, between 1 October 2015 and the date of final judgment or earlier settlement, used the UK version of the Play Store and made one or more relevant purchases.