On 28 May 2020, the CAT published the summary of an appeal by Lexon (UK) Limited against the CMA’s decision of 4 March 2020. The CMA found that Lexon and several other suppliers of nortriptyline tablets had engaged in a concerted practice by which they exchanged competitively sensitive strategic information in relation to the supply of nortriptyline tablets in the UK. The CMA identified two separate infringement periods and characterised both periods as a single and continuous infringement. Lexon raises three grounds of appeal: (i) the CMA had failed to prove that Lexon exchanged information with the objective to maintain prices; (ii) there was no single and continuous infringement by Lexon; and (iii) the CMA’s fine was harsh and inappropriate given that Lexon had, in part, introduced competition in the market which led to the fall in prices.