On 4 June 2021 the CAT published an application to commence collective proceedings under section 47B of the Competition Act 1998 against Apple Inc. and Apple Distribution International Ltd (Apple). The application alleges that Apple has abused a dominant position in breach of Article 102 of the TFEU and the Chapter II prohibition of the Competition Act. The application states that: (i) Apple’s proprietary mobile operating system, iOS, is the only operating system permitted for use on iOS devices; (ii) iOS apps developed by third- party developers can only be downloaded from Apple’s proprietary app store (the App Store); and (iii) purchases of an iOS App in the App Store or in-app purchases in an iOS App can only be made using Apple’s Payment Processing System, for which Apple charges a commission. The Applicant alleges that these practices are abusive in that they (i) impose restrictive terms which require iOS App developers to distribute iOS Apps exclusively via the App Store and require that all purchases are made using Apple’s payment system; and (ii) charge excessive and unfair prices in the form of commission on payments.