On 5 March 2021, the Court of Appeal rejected an appeal by truck manufacturers in Paccar Inc. and others v Road Haulage Association and others against the Competition Appeal Tribunal (CAT)’s preliminary ruling of 18 October 2019. The preliminary ruling concerned the funding arrangements of two related applications by UK Trucks Claim Ltd and the Road Haulage Association for collective proceeding orders on behalf of trucks purchasers.  The proceedings relate to follow-on damages claims stemming from the European Commission’s 2016 infringement decision against European truck manufacturers for price fixing and other cartel activities during the period 1997 to 2011. The CAT ruled that agreements with third-party litigation funders were not damages-based agreements (DBAs) and therefore not unenforceable or unlawful. The Court of Appeal upheld the CAT’s decision that agreements with third-party funders were not DBAs within the meaning of the statutory scheme, and found that agreements with third party litigation funders did not form “any part of the explicit mischief that [the statutory provisions] sought to remedy.