On 26 January 2021, the CAT published notice of a claim for damages by Kerilee Investments Limited (Kerilee) against the International Tin Association Ltd (ITA). Kerilee is a metal trading SME, incorporated in the UK. The ITA is a UK-based and incorporated trade association and special purpose entity incorporated by guarantee in the UK. The ITA is responsible for the governance, policy, financial, executive and secretariat functions of the International Tin Supply Chain Initiative (ITSCI) conflict mineral due-diligence programme. Kerilee claims it has suffered loss flowing from (a) the ITA’s decision to exclude Kerilee from membership of the ITA/ITSCI without due process or a justifiable reason, (b) the provision of discounted price subsidies which are unavailable to non-ITSCI members, such as Kerilee, (iii) the application of punitive sanctions which unfairly discriminated against Kerilee and (iv) actions by ITA/ITSCI which restrict communications and activities from non- members and discourage members from trading with non-members.