On 1 September 2020, the CAT published an application by Roland (UK) Limited and Roland Corporation (together, Roland) against the level of the fine imposed by the CMA in its decision of 29 June 2020 finding that Roland had engaged in unlawful resale price maintenance (RPM). Roland was fined £4 million for engaging in online RPM in relation to electronic drum kits and other musical products through its single UK distributor between 7 January 2011 to 17 April 2018. Roland does not dispute the findings of fact made by the CMA that Roland infringed competition law through RPM, nor does Roland dispute the fact that a financial penalty was an appropriate outcome. Roland’s appeal relates only to the level of fine imposed. It has submitted that the starting point for the fine of 19% of relevant turnover was excessive in the context of its unlawful conduct and that the 20% leniency discount was inadequate. Roland is seeking both a reduction in the level of the fine and an order from the CAT for the CMA to pay its appeal costs. The hearing has been listed for 9 December 2020.