On 28 May 2020, the CAT published the summary of an appeal by Amit Patel, a former director of Auden Mckenzie (Pharma Divisions) Limited and Auden Mckenzie Holdings Limited (together, Auden Mckenzie), against the CMA’s decision of 4 March 2020. The CMA had found that King Pharmaceuticals Ltd, Praze Consultants Ltd, and Auden Mckenzie were parties to an anticompetitive agreement relating to the supply of nortriptyline tablets to a large pharmaceutical wholesaler. Mr Patel brought two grounds of appeal: (i) the CMA erred in its application of the concept of restriction of competition by object, as it did not properly assess the implications of its factual findings as to the content of the agreement for its legal assessment; and (ii) the CMA committed a procedural error by adopting a procedure which did not allow for the facts and conclusions in its decision to be established and tested.