On 21 April 2020, the CAT dismissed Ecolab’s appeal against the CMA’s decision of 8 October 2019 that (i) Ecolab’s completed acquisition of the Holchem Group resulted in a SLC in the supply of formulated cleaning chemicals, and (ii) the most effective and proportionate remedy was for Ecolab to divest the overlapping Holchem business to an approved purchaser. Ecolab appealed to the CAT on four grounds challenging the CMA’s SLC finding and its decision on remedies. The CAT rejected all of Ecolab’s grounds of appeal, finding that the CMA’s decisions were within its margin of appreciation, and so were not irrational for the purposes of judicial review. The CAT also rejected Ecolab’s argument that the CMA should have investigated further whether Ecolab’s proposed remedy would have offered an effective remedy to the SLC, as the CMA has a wide margin of discretion in deciding what steps to take when carrying out its investigations.