On 10 January 2020, the CAT handed down its judgment on Tobii’s appeal of the CMA’s SLC decision and order requiring the full divestiture of Smartbox. Tobii appealed on five grounds. The CAT rejected most of these, including arguments that the CMA had failed to comply with its duty of procedural fairness, or that its approach to the collection of evidence, market definition, horizontal unilateral effects, and vertical customer foreclosure effects was unreasonable or irrational. The CAT upheld ground 5(b), however, finding that the CMA’s theory of harm to competition due to partial input foreclosure did not have a sufficient evidential basis. The CAT agreed to quash these sections of the CMA’s final report but concluded that “there is no realistic prospect” that the outcome of the case would be “materially different” if the CMA reached a different conclusion on that aspect because the CMA’s horizontal competition and customer foreclosure concerns were well-founded and justified the divestiture order.