This case is one of seven sets of ongoing proceedings against addressees of the July 2016 European Commission decision which fined participants in a truck manufacturing cartel (the so-called “Trucks” cases). The claim was brought by 153 separate Claimants belonging to six corporate groups, against members of the Iveco and DAF groups. The Defendants in this action have brought contribution proceedings under Part 20 of the CPR against parties including Daimler AG, which will (if successful) grant indemnity or a contribution if the Defendants are held liable in the main action. Daimler disputes that it has any liability to Wolseley, and accordingly sought declarations that, inter alia, none of the Defendants were liable to the Claimants for the alleged loss and damage claimed, and/or that Daimler specifically was not liable. Wolseley argued that the additional claim was improperly issued and did not satisfy the established principles for the grant of declaratory relief. It also argued that the additional claim was unnecessary, and that each part of it would be dealt with properly in either the main action or the contribution proceedings. It therefore sought either an order declaring the additional claim improperly issued, or summary judgment in its favour. While the CAT found that the additional claim may have been improperly issued, it judged this error to be remediable. It agreed, however, that Daimler did not have a realistic prospect of success given that the declarations it sought would not serve any legitimate, useful purpose. It therefore struck out Daimler’s additional claim on 8 May 2019.