On January 29, 2019, the FCA authorized the acquisition of Alsa by Dr. Oetker (Ancel), two manufacturers of dessert mixes, subject to the commitment to conclude a five-year trademark licensing agreement for Ancel dessert mixes, renewable once, with the Sainte-Lucie group, active on the related market for baking auxiliary supplies for supermarkets and hypermarkets.[1] Without this commitment, the combined entity would have held a 70–80% market share on the manufacturer-brands’ market for the manufacture and marketing of dessert mixes for supermarkets and hypermarkets and a 50–60% share on the market including both manufacturer and distributor (private) labels.

[1]              FCA, decision n°19-DCC-15 of January 29, 2019, concerning the acquisition of sole control of Alsa France SAS and the intangible assets required for the manufacture and sale of food products under the Alsa and Moench brands by Dr. Oetker (Ancel).